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Working Principle
Automatically feed, slot, bend, cut off, automatically adjust cutting depth
Processing Material
Aluminum, aluminum alloy; stainless steel, galvanized sheet, copper, etc.
Material Thickness
≤1.0mm (0.0393') for SS; ≤1.2mm(0.0473') for others
Material Height/Width
150mm (5.9') (accept customization)
600-1000 meters / 8 hour
Slot Degree
45-135 degrees
Min bending diameter
Alu: ≥12mm (0.47'); SS/Coper/Iron: 4mm (0.16")
AC, 220 / 110 v (accept customization) Max output power: 1500 w
155x75x140cm / 61x29.5x55 in
Packing Size
165x85x160cm / 65x33.5x63 in
450kgs / 990lb
File format


Bending Mode
Replaceable bender: Alu roller bending; SS/copper /iron: patting bending
Slotting Method
One side or double sides (opt before processing)
One year (except planer tool, saw blade or rubber belt)
Air Compressor

0.6 Mpa (Note: a minitype air compressor needed)

designing • MANUFACTURING • customizing

The Latest Type: DH-8150 multi - function.

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